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Chapter 8: Management Team - Page 8.4

Personnel Plan Variations

Standard Personnel Plan

A good personnel plan varies according to your business and business plan needs. You may want a simple list of names, titles, or groups, each of which is assigned a monthly cost. This model is shown in the table below.

Standard Personnel Plan Table

The standard personnel plan is a simple list of names, titles, or categories. The sum transfers into your profit and loss statement. This illustration shows three months and the first two years of a sample plan.

The simpler model totals all payroll only. It is perfectly appropriate for a lot of small businesses. You can use each of the lines in the table to describe specific individuals, or groups and departments. When you have the list complete, just add up the totals for personnel costs in your Profit and Loss, discussed in Financial Analysis: The Bottom Line. Multiply that total times your burden rate — say 15 or 20 percent — to calculate your personnel burden. The burden goes into the profit and loss as a separate line.


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