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Business Planning Links

  • Ask the Experts: questions and answers about business planning and starting a business.
  • BA410: The online syllabus for BA410, New Business Planning, offered at the University of Oregon, Lundquist School of Business, Spring quarter, taught by Tim Berry.
  • The best-known, oldest, and most respected free website resource for business planning.
  • Hurdle Book on Business Planning: 'Hurdle: the Book on Business Planning,' Web optimized version, free for reading online.
  • Planconsultants: a website dedicated to free listings of consultants offering business planning and marketing planning and start-up help.
  • My business planning website includes online seminars, tutorials, and articles about business planning process, financial model, etc.
  • Palo Alto Software: Main site for Palo Alto Software includes online store, support, and product descriptions.
  • Palo Alto Software in the UK: The UK-based company offers separate versions for EU countries. The VAT handling is different.
  • Planning as business: Small Business interviews Tim Berry.
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis: Part of the US Department of Commerce, offering business statistics.
  • General business search engine and directory.
  • The US government hub site for market research.
  • The US government statistical site.
  • clickz stats: Up to date statistics on Web usage.
  • Harris Information: Another D&B site for business leads by SIC code.
  • Hill Research Library: Excellent non-profit library resource offers market research at accessible rates.
  • Hoovers database of American companies.
  • Marketing information site.
  • American Marketing Association (AMA) main market information site.
  • Commercial site aggregating published market research.
  • Another US Department of Commerce site for business statistics.
  • Valuation Resources: Interesting site gathers data sources good and bad … the focus is on how much a business is worth.
  • zapdata: Dun and Bradstreet business research site.
  • A wealth of additional links for additional information sites.
  • First Research: Industry profiles.


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